Furniture today is made of metal and metal. It’s pretty normal for now. There are many types of metal used in the manufacture of furniture, did you know? This time, polishing compound manufacturer Indonesia provides the best information.

Furniture materials today

There are many furniture materials used today. So, Here are the types of materials used for furniture :

1. Aluminum

This material has a physical shape similar to stainless steel. The price of aluminum itself is more affordable compared to others.

Aluminum is not easily rusted, but easy to corrode. Therefore, the problem of polishing or finishing aluminum furniture can be solved by a Polishing compound manufacturer in Indonesia.

2. Stainless steel

Do you know about stainless steel? Stainless steel is pretty much what you find in cutlery, such as spoons and forks.

You should know that for this one material is quite rust resistant, corrosion, and oxidation. However, if you have stainless steel furniture that requires polishing it is better you should use polishing tools.

Get the tools to polish furniture objects easily in polishing compound manufacturers.

3. Iron

In iron there are two different types of iron, namely cast iron and wrought iron. This material is widely used in the manufacture of furniture.

Why? Because, this iron material is very strong to use. However, iron is very easy to rust, therefore the owner must diligently do polishing.

Relax, you no longer need to worry about polishing issues. You can get materials and tools to do finishing and buffing here.

4. Brass

Brass is a mixing material between zinc and copper and available in solid form as well as plates.

Usually this brass is widely used in the final finishing of a furniture. Therefore, it is necessary to polish the best you can rely on finishing tools so that the quality of furniture is guaranteed. So, you can get it easily at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia right now.

Complete polishing and compound products

Do you need the right tools to complete the finishing stage of the current furniture? Take it easy, you no longer have to bother looking from one place to another.

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