In the end, there is such a thing as ‘Polish.’ But not everyone knows about it. Are you one of them? This time, you will find out information about the best polishing and best polishing compound in this article.

Get to know more about polishing

Not everyone knows what polish is. Polish is a product that has elements of scraping objects.

What about the workings of polish? The workings of polish is to scrape little by little the surface parts that have been recorded and smooth the surface of objects that are abraded or damaged. In short it’s like this.

You should know in the scraping itself there are several classes ranging from light cut, medium, and heavy. The cutting classes here consist of various kinds due to their specific needs. Either with the goal of perfecting or improving.

In general, polishing itself is divided into two types, namely that it can be done manually and use a machine. Don’t let in this case you get it wrong in choosing. It’s worth being careful.

You should know that there are many types of polish, including the following:

1. Compound

You should know this type is often called cutting or rubbing compound. What are its uses? Its use is to eliminate defects.

This defect is usually caused due to oxidation with a fairly heavy or scratch level.

2. Polish

This product consists of a variety of chemicals. The purpose of this product is to eliminate oxidation at a fairly mild level.

What is mild oxidation? Mild oxidation here for example is water spots. Not only water spots, there are also berets on a smooth surface. Do you need the best polishing compound? You can get it easily here.

3. Glaze

One type of polish is glaze which is quite light. In fact, there was no ability at all in scraping as fast as before.

Actually, this glaze is able to gloss the surface area of the object. However, unfortunately glaze is not able to provide protection against the weather and sun.

4. Paint-Cleaner

Paint-Cleaner is used to clean the remains of wax. In fact, it can be used to remove dirt that sticks.

Best polishing compound products

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