Every home must have cookware and eating utensils, even with stainless steel materials. Although this material is not easily rusty, it needs to be maintained. Therefore, it is necessary to clean and polish using buffing / polishing wheel supplier Asia.

Why do you need stainless steel cleaning?

Stainless steel kitchen appliances are widely used today. This is because stainless steel has high durability.

The chromium content in stainless steel has a reaction to oxygen that is able to create a layer. This layer is what can prevent rust.

However, when stainless steel the surface is exposed to oil and a lot of dirt attached is able to create an easily rusty layer.

You can clean it periodically with the aim of maintaining the durability and shine of the cookware, stainless steel.

Talking about stainless steel, you need to know how to clean cookware and eat stainless steel. How do I clean it?

So, The way from cleaning stainless steel is quite simple by soaking it using warm water and using a sponge.

After that, you can use a little liquid laundry soap to clean some of the dirt that sticks.

When you are done cleaning the perp dirt, you can do the cleaning of the remnants of water and soap using a dry cloth.

Discussing cleaning, there is also a connection with stainless steel polishing activities. This polishing is able to maintain the shine of cooking utensils and protect from scratches on the surface of objects.

How do I do polishing now? The trick is quite easy, you need to buy good polishing equipment at buffing / polishing wheel supplier Asia.

Some of the equipment that you can use today are sisal cord buff with round surface, sisal cord buff with flat surface, sisal rope bias buff, and cotton cross buff.

Choose one of the equipment that is suitable for your current cookware equipment. Get it easily only at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia, an Asian buffing/polishing wheel supplier.

Your price problem can be consulted first. You won’t regret making a purchase.

Polishing wheel for cookware specifications

Here are the specifications of the product to polish cookware, including the following:

  • Sisal cord buff with round surface

Outer diameter of 10 – 200 mm, hole size 19 – 24 mm, and width of 10 – 55 mm.

  • Sisal buff with flat surface

Outer diameter of 10 – 200 mm, hole size 19 – 24 mm, and width of 10 – 55 mm.

  • Sisal rope bias buff

Outer diameter of 2″ – 20″ mm, inner diameter 3″ – 9″ mm, hole size 24 – 32 mm, and width 15 – 50 mm.

  • Cotton cross buff

Outer diameter of 2″ – 5″ mm, hole size 19 – 32 mm, and width 10 – 15 mm. So, That’s the product specification of buffing / polishing wheel Supplier Asia. If you are interested in making a purchase you can consult directly.

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