When you are in a workshop or in a furniture making place, surely you have heard the name polishing. In the wetting of polishing will definitely be associated with polishing cloth things. This time PT Cahaya Poles Mulia became a polishing cloth supplier.

Know the types of sandpaper

Polishing is generally associated with the use of sandpaper. Do you know the sandpaper fully?

There are many things you should know about sandpaper, including the types that exist today. About, what are the types of sandpaper?

These are the types of sandpaper related to polishing cloth suppliers, including the following:

1. Sandpaper abrasive material

You should know that this sandpaper abrasive material is widely used to repair an object or complete an automotive body.

The materials commonly used are silicon carbide and aluminum oxide. These two materials have their own differences.

The use of silicon carbide is suitable for sanding and providing new and sharp edges. Meanwhile, aluminum oxide is perfect for sanding paint with a hard texture.

2. Grit sandpaper

This type of sandpaper can be seen from the existing grit. Grit is getting bigger, so the particles for abrasive are getting smoother. Same with the opposite condition.

So, to choose you have to pay attention to the grit of sandpaper. This will affect the object that will be sanded at the end.

3. Sandpaper grit range

You need to know about the range of grit-grit sandpaper, to make it easier to understand. These are the ranges of sandpaper grit, including:

  • #60 – #80: A suitable peeling grit used to peel paint on surfaces
  • #100 – #150: This medium grit is suitable for sanding putty-putty of a car
  • #180 – #220: This fine grit is suitable for sanding iron and wood surfaces
  • #320 – top: Very fine grit is usually used before entering the finishing stage of a wood or metal

Latest polishing catalog

After knowing about the types of sandpaper, you want to find the latest supplier polishing cloth catalog at this time? Remember that polishing has a relationship with sandpaper.

So, in the catalog of PT Cahaya Poles Mulia provides two types of products, namely buff polishing and specialist compound polishing which is quite diverse in types.

In addition, polishing here provides a diversity of benefits both for jewelry, wood, and metal.

You should know this, materials from complementary polishing materials ranging from sisal, cotton, sisal & cotton, flannel, jeans, and scotch brite. Do you know any information about materials for polishing? If you are still confused in choosing the current polishing product catalog you can contact PT Cahaya Poles Mulia. Full service of polishing cloth suppliers can be guaranteed 100%.

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