Do you have a vehicle? While on the road and driving the vehicle there was damage to the automotive body. When the body of the vehicle is damaged, of course, you will do body repair. You should know that body repair has a relationship with automotive buffing distributors.

The need for body repair

At the time of damage to the body of the vehicle, you need a body repair. This body repair can do sanding on some bodies or do repainting.

Not only that, with the body repair you will return the color when making the first purchase. Wouldn’t this make the vehicle look new.

Doing this body repair can not be done carelessly, must be done by experts. Why? Because, there are many stages that must be taken at this time.

Some stages of body repair, including the following:

  • The first stage

In doing body repair it is necessary to check the damaged panel, whether it is small or large.

  • The second stage

When knowing the damage to the panel, it is necessary to clean the panel or sand.

You can do sanding with products offered by PT CPM, automotive buffing distributor.

  • The third stage

At the time the finishing stage is done then you need to do the polishing done thoroughly. In the polishing process this is done until the vehicle returns shiny.

  • The fourth stage

This stage is the last stage. This can be done by coating paint on the vehicle. Coating on the vehicle is usually done up to 4 times.

More or less that’s the picture of doing body repair and of course you have got the answer why body repair with sanding or polishing.

Complementary body repair

You do not need to be confused to find a complement to do body repair on the current vehicle. There are already complementary for body repair easily in automotive buffing distributors.

PT Cahaya Poles Mulia not only provides buffing products for automotive, but also for raw plates, iron, etc. In fact, PT has provided medicine for polishing. It’s complete here. So, don’t miss it.

What are the products that are suitable to complete body repair activities? So, for automotive body repair complements are sisal disc buff, sisal & cotton spiral, scotch brite disc buff, buff disc jeans, sisal open bias buff, sisal pleated bias buff, sisal wafe bias buff, and sisal & cotton open bias buff.

Not only that, there are still sisal & cotton plated buff bias, sisal & cotton wave bias buff, scotch brite open bias buff, and sisal & cotton finger bias buff.You can choose one of the products that suits your current needs. Rely on everything only in automotive buffing distributors.

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