The finishing process has its own purpose and purpose in accordance with their respective uses. The finishing stage has work tools and techniques. One of the work tools that usually accompany the finishing stage is buffing specialist companies.

Buffing work process

In the buffing process, of course, there is a work process of its own. When buffing, you need to know the condition of the material that will be polished and finished.

When at the beginning do not determine the condition of the material, you can first do sanding using a rough abrasive, about grit 60 – 80. Next, you can do sanding at the smooth abrasive stage, with grits of 120, 180, and 220.

So, You should know that grit with a large size is able to eliminate imperfections in the surface of objects. Be it blisters, scratches, and holes.

When the abrasive used is smooth, blisters, scratches, or other damage are increasingly unable to be seen by the eye.

At the time of finishing, there is usually a cooling process using lubricants. Although, not a few finishing stages use the concept of “Dry.”

You should underline that buffing has two kinds of movement, cutting and coloring. These two movements have their own purpose and use.

Cut movement is used to give a smooth finish, while color movement is able to make the surface of the object cleaner and shinier.

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