Do you know about “Buffing” now? Do you know the best jewelry buffing wheel? This time, you need to know a lot of information about the best quality sandpaper ingredients. You can get the information here easily.

What is buffing?

The process of finishing has its own purpose. There are several objects that are used for finishing and have different techniques. Included in the buffing finishing process.

At the finishing stage there are two things that are quite different, namely polishing and buffing. Indeed, both are both finishing stage processes using abrasive sandpaper. However, the difference is quite obvious.

So, buffing is the process of friction or friction with a medium level and has a smoother and brighter finish. In the process buffing involves the use of abrasive sandpaper material that is able to loose on the wheel.

Also seen in the abrasive sandpaper grift at the buffing finishing stage. You should know that the grift on buffing is placed in low or moderate condition.

If you need supporting products in buffing finishing activities, you can contact PT Cahaya Poles Mulia. All products used for polishing and buffing are in accordance with the required standards.

Products that have been provided according to standards are guaranteed quality. So, do not let you miss to get the best jewelry buffing provided by PT Cahaya Poles Mulia, Sidoarjo.

Buffing sandpaper product catalog

Once you know about buffing, do you need a catalog of the best jewelry buffing? Don’t miss the information.

There are many variations provided at PT. Produk Buffing, raw plate variants produced by weld part include sisal disc buff, sisal & cotton spiral, scotch brite disc buff, buff disc jeans, sisal open bias buff, sisal pleated, sisal wave, and sisal & cotton open bias buff.

Not only that, sisal & cotton pleated buff bias, sisal & cotton wave bias buff, scotch brite open bias buff, and sisal & finger bias buff.

Products for all metal variants include cotton cord buff with round surface, cotton cord buff with flat surface, cotton disc buff, cotton spiral sawed disc buff, cotton open bias buff, cotton pleated bias buff, and cotton wave bias buff.

Products for cookware are sisal cord buff with round surface, sisal cord buff with flat surface, sisal rope bias buff, and cotton cruss buff. Suitable for wood varnish are cotton flannel disc buff and cotton open flannel bias buff.

If you need a product to polish jewelry, rely on cotton jewelry buffing and razor-edge buff. This is the best jewelry buffing product you’re looking forward to. Get it easily at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia.

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