You’re polishing and buffing. Do you already have polishing buff wheel recommendation equipment? Do not let this be ruled out, because it affects work safety.

Discussing work safety, this article will discuss a little about the function of polishing machines and work safety when doing polishing and buffing.

Polish machine function and how it works

In polishing and buffing, there is such a thing as a polishing machine. What is a polishing machine? This machine is used to polish and smooth the surface.

There are two mops that rotate on the polish engine at a fairly high speed when you turn it on.

At the time of emphasis of the material to be polished, both forward and backward then the object will be automatically polished.

When polishing, before you have to clean the object to be polished. After that, when scratches begin to be erased using a cloth either wet or dry, smooth the surface of the object further.

Next, you can start inserting the object into the polishing machine. Polishing machines are not complete without buff wheel recommendation polishing products. You can directly ask PT Cahaya Poles Mulia.

Safety in using polishing machines

In using polishing machines and some other polishing equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to work safety.

Work safety is so important for now, so never be indifferent. You want people around you to be safe, right?

What are the things to consider in work safety using a polishing machine? Here are some things that you can apply as follows:

  • Do not forget to use glasses, of course later when polishing there are small objects and paint flying. Therefore, use glasses to prevent the eyes from entering the object or paint.
  • Use aprons. It is used to prevent loose clothing. Avoid the name of a work accident when polishing. Dangerous, if your loose shirt goes into the polishing machine.
  • Machines are only used by one person.
  • Do not forget to read the soup system in the current use of polish machines.

So, What about some safety measures in the use of polishing machines? Pretty much, isn’t it? It’s for the safety of you and the people around you.

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