Polishing the car today is very important, so that the car remains clean and does not suffer excessive damage. But how do I polish the car? There are two ways that can be done, namely manual and using the machine. You can use jeans buffing wheel to polish the car.

How to polish the car using the engine?

Do you want to polish your car using an engine? Do you already have the equipment to polish it?

There are some polishing equipment that you can use right now. One tool that can be used is a jeans buffing wheel.

Once you have the equipment to polish, of course you need to pay attention to the sides of the car. In doing polishing you need to increase patience and thoroughness in working on car polish. Considering you are using a machine for polishing/buffing.

There is a fairly precise way to polish a car using an engine according to Raph, a polish expert from Germany.

So, for now you are advised to have a polish tool with a pad player with type orbitals.

Why use this player ?

This player tool is able to minimize the name burn effect when you do polishing. Thus, prevent the name of the fog or berets on the surface of the car. Simply put, the portrayal is like this.

In addition to the polishing player tool that is considered, there is its own special way in the holder of polishing tools.

After that, according to polish experts from Germany said that the drug for polish can be poured first. You can flatten it all over the body of the car at this time. Why not go straight to the pad? Because, back again the polish drug will not be evenly distributed throughout the car.

How to move the player itself is a technique, and can not be done in a careless way. Let the player be complete, use a jeans buffing wheel.

The movement starts from the vertical direction after it leads to the horizontal. Polish on one car body panel. You can use fairly medium spins and not need to do more pressing.

Emphasis on when polishing the body of the car is able to result in a beret. You don’t want this to happen, do you?

Buffing wheel jeans product

What is buffing jeans? Jeans buffing is a complementary tool to polishing both polishing and buffing.

This one product is perfect for polishing plates such as stainless steel, iron, and chrome. In addition, this product can be used to polish the results of welds such as conveyors and kitchen sets. In fact, polishing production parts such as automotive.

The specifications of this buffing jeans product are outer diameter of 2″ – 16″ and inner diameter of 10 – 32 mm.Are you curious about this product? You can get it easily at this time at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia. Not only provides jeans buffing wheel, but other buffing and polishing products.

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