Do you know the name varnish at the finishing stage? This will also be associated with the polishing process using buffing wheels for wood finishing. What is varnish on wood? Check out the information in this article carefully.

Get to know the varnish on wood

Varnish is a complementary material in the process of finishing wood craftsmen or furniture. With the varnish of objects made of wood will be more durable and aesthetic.

After knowing what varnish is on the finish, definitely do not forget also with the polishing process either before or after the process of giving varnish. You can use a buffing wheel for wood finishing from PT.

“What are the benefits of varnish in the finishing process?” may be the question that fills your mind.

So, the benefit of varnish in the beginning is to protect objects made of wood, be it hot weather, rain, strong winds, dirt, and insects. These things that have been mentioned are able to damage objects made of wood.

Not only that, by using varnish, the surface of the wood will be avoided in the name of the bad effects of chemicals around.

You need to know that there are several types of wood varnish that you need to know at this time. In fact, not a few varnish has a color content. Some are glossy until the end result of the doff.

Do not forget before giving varnish on the finishing to do polishing using buffing wheels for wood finishing. Not only that, you can also apply polishing using sandpaper buffing material afterwards.

Material for buffing wheels for wood finishing

After knowing the varnish and still related to the finishing process, such as buffing. You need the right product for wood buffing.

This time PT Cahaya Poles Mulia has provided sandpaper buffing material for wood-based objects. In fact, PT provides it in a large enough stock capacity so you don’t have to be afraid if you need a lot of stock.

The quality of the products here is in accordance with standards and guaranteed for its quality. Therefore, just consult the problem about buffing sandpaper material at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia.

What products are offered here for wood-based sandpaper? So, the sandpaper materials offered are cotton flannel disc buff and cotton open flannel bias buff.

Description of each variation, including the following:

  • Cotton flannel disc buff

Outer diameter (2.5″ – 22″), inner diameter (10 – 32 mm), and layer (4 – 16 ply).

  • Cotton open flannel bias buff

Outer diameter (2.5″ – 22″), inner diameter (10 – 32 mm), and layer (4 – 16 ply).

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