In fulfilling the smooth polishing activity, you need sandpaper either manual sandpaper or abrasive sandpaper. So, take it easy, you can meet the materials needed for the polishing process at PT CPM, buffing wheel company Indonesia.

PT Cahaya Poles Mulia (CPM) has been established since 1994 and has been widely trusted as a supplier of complementary polishing and buffing polishing materials.

Products offered by the company

PT Cahaya Poles Mulia is the most complete and largest Indonesian buffing wheel company with a domicile of Sidoarjo, East Java.

This time, PT Cahaya Poles Mulia provides a wide range of products offered to companies that need sandpaper polishing and buffing materials. Did you know before? Here are the products offered by the company, including the following:

1. Sisal

This sandpaper material is perfect for the operation of cutting and sharpening items with sharp surfaces.

Therefore, sisal is suitable for quick pruning for pots and pans, be it aluminum, steel, stainless steel, iron, and chrome.

You can get disc buff, buff bias, and cord buff. In the variety there are several types that you can choose from. Adjust to the needs, so as not to experience losses.

The selection can be accompanied by experts, just consult your needs at PT CPM.

2. Cotton

Cotton is a product that is suitable for use in objects with basic materials of steel and stainless steel whose end results can be used as mirrors.

Here, you can choose disc buff, buff bias, cord buff, or variation buff. Choose one that suits your current needs.

3. Sisal & Cotton

This one product is specially made by buffing wheel company Indonesia for cutting with good results. In fact, with a bright mirror effect.

So, you can choose buff discs and buff biases, adjusting to what you currently need for the material sandpaper polishing objects in the company.

4. Flannel

Product that suitable to be applied to objects with wood materials, a glossy finish. There are manual sandpaper materials and electricity must be used by the machine.

5. Jeans

Jeans product is used for cutting, which is a combination of sandpaper powder and for cutting when finishing.

6. Scotch Brite

Manufacturing of flexible non-woven cushions, aluminum oxide, or impregnated silicon carbide.

7. Fitting Plate

This product is quite custom in accordance with the demand of the buyers.

Easy purchase of buffing wheel

Nowadays you can make buffing wheel purchases easily. You can get it only at PT Cahaya Poles Mulia.

You can get buffing wheel company Indonesia at a fairly affordable price. So, don’t let you be late to get a golden opportunity this time.

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