What is the difference between buffing and polishing? Not a few people are still confused about the two words that are referred to at this time. Two words ‘Buff,’ and ‘polish,’ there are still many people who find it difficult to tell the difference.

This article will discuss the difference between the two, so that you understand it better and not misguided.

Difference between buffing and polishing

In manufacturing activities there are two things that cannot be avoided in the finishing process. What’s that? This is buffing and polishing.

What is the difference between buffing and polishing? The main difference from buffing and polishing is the use of abrasive materials.

Buffing is more using abrasive material that is quite loose from the wheel, while this polishing uses more abrasive material that is glued or secured into the wheel. What does that mean here?

Another word of intent here is that the abrasive material used in buffing is loosely attached so that replacement is easier and faster to do.

In addition, the difference is quite clear in the grit section. The problem of grit buffing is lower.

What else is the difference ? So, it lies in its usefulness. The use of polishing is to shrink and remove scratches on objects, do not forget to smooth the surface of the object that is rough.

What about the use of buffing? The use of buffing is to make the surface much shinier compared to before.

The end result of the two is quite a differentiator between buffing and polishing. Polishing on the end result must be coated again first, while buffing has a finish that is so shiny without the need to be coated again, a glass-like effect.

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